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"Ever since I learned how to manage my emotions using Peggy's Destiny Switch concept, my life has benefited in so many ways. I feel happier, more balanced, and confident. Peggy’s has gifted us with tools to change our lives. I have learned to expand in the highest energy field where miracles have become an everyday reality.

Thank you for my powerful transformation."

Laurie Moon-Boggs


Because sometimes we just can’t do it all on our own and you need a mentor to help you…

When YOUR Success Depends On

That One-on-One Mentoring can make the difference…

You Need Peggy McColl’s Personal Mentoring!

Peggy has worked with literally thousands of entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, authors, experts, business owners in a wide variety of industries.  Take a look at the other endorsements on this page and look on this website and see what she has created with her own success (created numerous best-sellers, generated millions of dollars in revenue, created a VERY successful online business working from the comfort of her home) and you decide if you want to work with Peggy.  Let your “instincts” be your guide.

Get started today!  

If you are looking for Peggy McColl to be YOUR Mentor and provide you with guidance to:

  • build an online revenue producing profitable business or want to create one
  • create or build your "brand" to  be recognized as an "expert"
  • writing your book or ebook or help with creating a powerful book proposal
  • help you become a best-selling author
  • market your products and/or services online
  • come up with product and/or service ideas to market online and guide you on how to develop them for little or no cost
  • build your visibility online/build a subscriber base/find partners to market your stuff

Peggy is available with one-on-one mentoring service.  It is really quite simple.  You sign up here to be mentored, and she will help you, guide you and offer her area of expertise.    

 You can focus on the following during your time with Peggy:
  - internet marketing and money-making ideas for you
  - creating your brand
  - website analysis and feedback
  - how to make your book a best seller
  - how to create information products (ebooks, audios, videos, etc.)
  - how to market your products/services online
  - how to partner up with others to market your products and/or services
  - writing a book proposal
  - whatever you desire!!!

 You will utilize your time to totally focus on YOUR needs.


CHOICE #1:  One Full Day with Peggy (or 8 Hours to use as needed)

$3895 for 8 hours. 

8 Hours of Mentoring 

 You can focus on the following during your time with Peggy:
  - internet marketing and money-making ideas for you
  - creating your brand
  - website analysis and feedback
  - how to make your book a best seller
  - how to create information products (ebooks, audios, videos, etc.)
  - how to market your products/services online
  - how to partner up with others to market your products and/or services
  - writing a book proposal
  - whatever you desire!!!

 You will utilize your time to totally focus on YOUR needs.

  Or, if you would like to invest the day together in your city, there is a premium of $500 on top of the daily rate and you are required to cover Peggy's travel expenses (hotel, business-class flight, transportation to and from the airport).



CHOICE #2:  16 Hours of One on One Mentoring with Peggy

You will utilize your time to totally focus on YOUR needs.

$6595 for 16 hours.


 You can focus on the following during your time with Peggy:
  - internet marketing and money-making ideas for you
  - creating your brand
  - website analysis and feedback
  - how to make your book a best seller
  - how to create information products (ebooks, audios, videos, etc.)
  - how to market your products/services online
  - how to partner up with others to market your products and/or services
  - writing a book proposal
  - whatever you desire!!!

 You will utilize your time to totally focus on YOUR needs.

We can get A LOT done in 16 hours or two full days.
In two days you can come up with product ideas and actually create them too and have you set up to start marketing them and generating revenue!

If you fly into Ottawa, we'll work together in Peggy's home.
Or, if you would like to invest the 2 days together in your city, there is a premium of $500 on top of the daily rate and you are required to cover my expenses (hotel, business-class flight, and transporation to and from the airport).

--- david_riklan.gif

"Thanks to Peggy's help, I sold 6,828 copies for $27 each -- that's $184,256.00 without spending a dime on advertising."

"Anyone who’s serious about making a lot of money quickly and easily should follow Peggy’s system to the letter. Thanks to her, I sold 6,828 copies of my ebook titled “SELF IMPROVEMENT: The Top 101 Experts That Help Us Improve Our Lives” for $27 each -- that’s $184,256 without spending a dime on advertising.”

David Riklan, author of Self Improvement: 101 Experts That Help Us Improve Our Lives.

Note: David's results are truly exceptional and not typical

--- margarete_nielsen.gif

“#1 on Amazon.com AND #1 on BN.com simultaneously!”

“The secret is out ... To ensure a successful email campaign when launching your book, turn to the amazing talent of Peggy McColl! She lead the most recent Dr. Wayne Dyer campaign for "Inspiration" and resulted in his book reaching #1 on Amazon.com and #1 on BN.com simultaneously.”

Margarete Nielsen, Director of Marketing, Hay House.

--- neale_donald_walsch.gif

“Double platinum! Reached #1 on BOTH Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com!”

“By 10:30 a.m. on Target Day the latest CwG book, Home with God, hit #1 overall on both Amazon.com and
Barnes&Noble.com, where it remained for three days!
This was the most successful launch of any book I have
ever written, and I am very clear what made the difference.  In two words: Peggy McColl. ”

Neale Donald Walsch, NY Times Best Selling Author
of the Conversations with God series http://www.conversationswithgod.org

--- g_and_k_hendricks.gif

“The campaign took our book to #1 on Amazon...”

“Kathlyn and I are deeply grateful to Peggy for leading the campaign that took our book to #1 on Amazon. In addition to her effectiveness as a professional, Peggy is a pure delight to work with. It’s rare to encounter a person with high integrity, a keen mind and a heart of gold, but that’s how I describe Peggy. I highly recommend her to all my colleagues.”

Gay Hendricks, co-author, with Kathlyn Hendricks,
of Spirit-Centered Realtionships, www.hendricks.com

--- gary_renard.gif

Sold 10,900 books with this campaign!

 "My experience with Peggy McColl is that she does exactly what she says she's going to do. She delivers. Her methods are brilliant. Although every book is different and nobody can guarantee results, I know my book sold more copies at Amazon in one day than it had sold there in almost two years.  My profit from the books sold on that day paid for the promotion, and that's not even counting the publicity benefits.  Peggy works very hard and is easy to work with. I couldn't be more impressed and I cannot possibly recommend her highly enough."

Gary Renard, author, The Disappearance of the Universe 

--- arielle_ford.gif

“Her string of successes speak for themselves...”

"Peggy McColl is the gold standard in online book promotion. Sometimes referred to as a “publisher’s secret weapon” she is a pioneer in online marketing. Her string of successes speaks for themselves."

Arielle Ford, Everything you should know about Publishing,
Publicity and Building a Platform, www.fordsisters.com

--- judith_wright.gif

“Peggy took my book to #3 on Amazon… #1 in Business”

"First, the facts. In an exciting ride, Peggy took my book, There Must Be MORE Than This, to #3 on Amazon, (#1 in Business, #2 in Health, Mind and Body.) She planned, shepherded, and executed a remarkable campaign. But that hardly describes my whole experience in working with Peggy. To experience her drive, dedication, creativity, good will, positive attitude, hard work, availability, and humor is a pure delight. Peggy goes above and beyond expectations. With Peggy, you forget you're working, because she is always playing in the realm of possibilities. What a player and what a playground! Consider yourself blessed to get the chance to work with Peggy McColl."

Judith Wright, Best-Selling Author of There Must Be MORE Than This

--- robin_sharma.gif

“Hit the #1 spot on Amazon.com within hours!”

"Peggy is brilliant at what she does. She was the lead player in a campaign that saw The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO rise to the #1 spot on amazon.com within hours. Listen to what she says -- she's a master."

Robin Sharma, Bestselling Author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

--- dr_michael_norwood.gif

“Wonder Woman doesn't even begin to describe Peggy McColl...”

"Wonder-Woman doesn't even begin to describe Peggy McColl . . . what she has done for herself, and is now doing for me. Peggy is a living, breathing dynamo, who knows how to take any well-written book and turn it into an online bestseller. Peggy hasn't just channeled my year and half work on promoting my books online into a stream-lined fast and furious fightin' machine; much more than that, with her warm and caring personality, she has become a close confident and friend. I am recommending her to every author I care about, and can't begin to give a high enough recommendation for her services." 

Dr. Michael Norwood, author of The Wealthy Soul book series

--- debbie_ford.gif

“She’s simply the best!”

"When my office was looking for creative ways to launch my new book The Best Year of Your Life, we searched for the best marketing minds to help us. We chose Peggy McColl because of her creativity, innovativeness, willingness and, more importantly, her successful track record. I highly recommend her for book marketing. She's simply the best!"

Debbie Ford, New York Times Best Selling Author

--- marianne_williamson.gif

Reached #2 Overall on Amazon.com with The Gift of Change!

"Peggy McColl has come up with a great system for marketing transformational books and products. She was lovely to work with, and -- most importantly of all -- the campaign produced results! I would work with her again in a minute."

Marianne Williamson, New York Times Best Selling Author

--- dan_robey.gif

“Nobody can help you get there faster...”

"If you want to make your book #1 on Amazon.com, there is nobody that can help you get there faster then Peggy McColl."

Dan Robey – Author of The Power of Positive Habits

 --- dean_graziosi.gif

"I began working with Peggy and immediately she had the most brilliant online marketing ideas of anyone I had ever met!"

“ More than just great ideas - she had follow through and fulfilled on each and every promise. Rare in today's world. Granted, I’ve been fortunate that in just the last several years alone my creations have generated over $100,000,000 (that’s right a HUNDRED MILLIOIN DOLLARS) and at the age of 37 I’m a multi-millionaire, but I hired Peggy to take my book “Totally Fulfilled” to the top of the charts AND, in addition to doing that, she also helped me design a brand new online marketing program that is generating more online business than I ever imagined possible.  She is a non-stop, idea creating, revenue generating machine!  I highly recommend her!  She is worth 100 times what she charges – no, make that 1000 times and more!” In a world full of good talkers it is nice to do business with a DOER!!

Dean Graziosi, Author of Totally Fulfilled and Creator of 30DayWay.com

What others in the Publishing industry are saying about Peggy McColl

"Peggy McColl is on the cutting-edge of creative direct-to-consumer online book promotion. Many of my authors have successfully employed her services to achieve their goals while expanding their audience and driving the bestseller performance of their books."

Steve Hanselman, former Senior Vice President & Publisher, HarperBusiness, HarperResource, HarperSanFrancisco

“Peggy McColl is a brilliant book marketer who understands how to use the new on-line technologies and old-fashioned personal persuasion to sell books.”

Laurence Kirshbaum, former Chairman Time Warner Books

--- sandy_forster.gif

Shot up the charts to #5 in a day!

“As a self-published first-time author from Australia, it was a long-shot to get my book into the bestseller list at all.  But to see it shoot up to #5 and stay there for over a week was fantastic.  The campaign has resulted in me selling over 2500 during that week alone.  I’ve since had foreign rights offers from around the world to publish my book, as well as countless interviews and articles written about my success.  My profile has risen so quickly and additional opportunities are flooding my way. Peggy’s assistance in working with me to make it all happen is truly appreciated.  My bestseller campaign simply wouldn’t have been the success it was without her fantastic input.”

Sandy Forster, International Best Selling Author

--- dan_poynter.gif

Self-Publishing Guru Speaks!

"When it comes to using online technology to market books, Peggy McColl knows the territory."

Dan Poynter, author of The Self-Publishing Manual (www.ParaPub.com)

--- betsy_otter_thompson.gif

“Her skills caused my book to soar to #1!”

“Peggy has wonderfully creative ideas for marketing. Her skills caused my book to soar to #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list in the Religious and Spirituality category, and #14 overall. She’s a true professional, and someone you can put your faith in for meaningful guidance.”

Betsy Otter Thompson, author of The Mirror Theory

More praise...

Thank you so much.  The information you provided me with was worth double what I paid!  I feel as though I have cut through YEARS of wasted time and costly mistakes to get me to the front of the line.  I am excited to begin to apply this knowledge to my work. I look forward to learning from you in the future! I am more focussed and found that the blocks of time were quite manageable.  I was refreshed and ready to go in the morning opposed to week nights after I have had a long day of work, organizing, brainstorming, and life in general.

Janelle Breese Biagioni

Peggy covered so many specific points on how to make money online.  Having my own Internet presence for more than six years, I was very impressed with the amount of information I DID NOT know.   The resources provided by Peggy alone made this a gold mine.   Peggy presented the material with clarity and was very specific in the steps to take to make big money online.  Thanks Peggy!

Paul Montelongo http://www.paulmontelongo.com

Thanks again for an awesome action-packed information, insightful and generous sharing and your usual dose of wisdom, humour, honesty and integrity. You achieve a great balance of fun, information and inspiration! Awesome job!!

Heather Pardon, The Wild Daisy

I got so much more value that the amount I paid!  After listening and learning with Peggy, I can honestly say, this information can be applied to any business and I know it will help me break through my self-created barriers and take my business to the next level.  I am now a raving fan and will recommend her books, courses and programs to anyone who feels a bit stuck and needs the positive "push" to get going again.  I have started writing my book, have trademarked the name and am so excited to take it to the next level, all because of the positive wealth of information I got from Peggy.  Thank you for sharing so much incredible information, Peggy!   You will continue to be my inspiration! With great appreciation from "The Kitchen Lady"!

Robin Siegerman

The information you have presented is priceless. I can now move forward in creating money flow for the non-profit I have founded. Talk about the Law of Attraction! I've been asking (the Universe) how I could learn all of this Internet stuff and I got the e-mail from you on this class. I was speaking with Jennifer and she said that you were the best, so I signed up and I am extremely glad I did. I will send updates on my progress.
Thanks again and bless you,

Lisa Handel
Founder, Nature's Refuge

You are so knowledgeable!  This weekend I received a wealth of information.  I am excited to begin implementing the numerous tips and techniques you so generously shared with us this weekend.  You definitely exceeded my expectations.

Diane Craig, President of Corporate Class Inc.

Peggy is fantastic!  She delivers content which is so informative and really something that I can and will use!  Outstanding and I'd recommend her to anyone learning to market products and services on the Internet!

Linda Graham

I just completed Peggy's two day, 8 hour course. Jam packed with value. To get started on being successful marketing on the internet, this course is fantastic. I believe I have just purchased at a great  price, the map to be successful. Thank you very much! Can't wait to see the money coming in!

Valerie Yersh
Creator Magical Meditations for Kids

Everything we thought we knew about the Internet is out the window, and we'll be rebuilding our marketing plan based on information you shared. Thank you! Warm regards,

Alison Prentice and Jocelyn Herrett

You are the consummate professional- -knowledgeable+, courteous, authentic, and so much more!  GREAT CLASS- -SUPER STAR PERFORMANCE!

Jordan Anderson

I love your genuine down to earth approach in your teaching. You made it fun and you continued to add VALUE - VALUE - VALUE. You spoke with integrity, honesty; your sharing spirit came through in giving us the tools and every opportunity to succeed. You painted a picture and included all of us in it, Amazing. This investment was so worth it, I'm so glad that I made the decision to attend.   

Life Success Consultant,
Sally Hite

We had such a fabulous time with you and learn a lot from you.  We love your programs and have invested in some of them in the past.  We really admire you and what your company is offering to people to change their lives in a big way. 

Gerald & Carol Jackson

Peggy is absolutely superb! I can't recommend her enough!  It's a must-do for anyone interested in making real money online.
Peggy had been very highly recommended to me by my friend so I went to her with very high expectations. Peggy surpassed all my expectations and then some. This is jam-packed with innovative, highly-valuable information in a very detailed and organized step-by-step manner with powerful and informative powerpoint and PDF files. She even tapes the seminar so afterwards, you can even have unlimited access to it; so after the class you can easily review and implement Peggy's step-by-step format to start making money online! Peggy really knows her stuff and it shows in her professional and inspiring delivery. She is the real thing and her class is the real deal! It's phenomenal!

Jacqueline Ortiz
Author: Extraordinary You

If anyone has ever thought about making money online then Peggy should be their first port of call. If you have ever thought about writing a book or creating products then Peggy should be your first port of call as well.  I loved the fact that I could learn all this great material from the comfort of my own home. The content is absolutely amazing and the resources that Peggy guides you to are out of this world and extremely helpful. When I met Peggy I had just finished a very rough first draft of my book and I didn’t have a clue as to where to go next. In the time she has worked with me I now have a great end product, a superb cover designed and a route to market that I never could imagine before. She has opened my eyes to the world of internet marketing and has instilled in me the confidence to write my own sales copy for marketing my book. The investment in Peggy and her wealth of knowledge is one of the smallest anyone could ever make for the value given back. Thank you so much again Peggy for your wonderful support.

Clayton Moore, Author of ‘Your Money Puzzle’ http://www.claytonjmoore.com

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